Voice Services

Get rid of the copper, use OOKI wireless

As an extension to our fixed wireless Internet service, OOKI will soon offer an improved 'voice over Internet protocol' (VoIP) services to residential and commercial customers. Use your existing phone with OOKI's fixed wireless Internet service to make and receive calls just like a normal landline phone. No more crackly calls, no more bills to pay for a landline you rarely use.

OOKI can 'port' your existing number, you keep the phone number that your family and friends already know, to make the change as simple as possible, or choose a new number if you prefer.

We can connect most modern phones to our VoIP service. If your phone does need to be changed, OOKI can provide a number of different handsets on request.

If you'd like to know more about OOKI's VoIP offerings and prices, please click on the Email OOKI button and send us a message.

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