myHub Service

Work, Play, Relax with OOKI's new myHub service

OOKI have launched the myHub service.

myHub consists of a TV box, plus keyboard with integrated track pad, which connects to your OOKI Internet service. Once installed, a very simple operation, the myHub device will let you connect your large screen TV to a wide range of Internet resources.

The myHub service delivers a connected experience unmatched by smaller screen laptops and tablets. myHub makes dumb TVs smart and smart TVs even smarter. Playback TV, movies, Netflix, Spotify, Games, social media, audio and vidoe chat, even Office applications and email are delivered through myHub.

For a monthly charge of $7.50 inc GST, OOKI provide the myHub and combination keyboard / track-pad. It's pre-built and set up ready for use.

Take a look at some screenshots plus pictures of the myHub and keyboard, below.  Email us if you'd like to find out more or give the myHub a 3-month trial.

The myHub service. Stay connected.

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