Mobile Services

Mobile calls using OOKI wireless

OOKI will soon be offering mobile phone services.

As a further extension to our fixed wireless Internet and VoIP services, OOKI will be offering mobile phone plans enabling 'voice over WiFi' also known as 'WiFi calling' to residential and commercial customers. The latest versions of many Android handsets and Apple iPhones are capable of WiFi calling. When you are at home and connected to OOKI's fixed wireless Internet service you can make and receive calls, and send and receive SMS and MMS messages, even when you don't have mobile phone coverage from your carrier.

If you're away from home and without a 3G / 4G signal, WiFi calling works on other wireless networks too.

Just another way OOKI are improving connectivity and communications for rural and remote rural families.

WiFi calling is a feature integrated into your phone and must be enabled by your carrier. OOKI can advise you whether your handset / carrier combination will support WiFi calling at this time.

If you'd like to know more about OOKI's upcoming mobile offerings and prices, please click on the Email OOKI button and send us a message.

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