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LifeHub Solutions

OOKI are proud to announce the LifeHub Entertainment Platform.

With a foundation based on Android, the leading mobile operating system, the LifeHub is not just the pre-eminent solid state endpoint for free to air and streamed IPTV, movies, games, apps and Internet content.  The LifeHub represents the focus of a digital lifestyle where all the information you want, and all the information you create, is delivered to you, your way.

The LifeHub represents the cutting edge of interactive technology, a portal to that can take you to any place you can imagine.

For hospitality providers the LifeHub offers a safe, secure portal to the content your guests want.  Live TV, Foxtel and video on demand are offered throughout the property, the latest Android games and apps delivered directly to the LifeHub as soon as they available on the Play store, streamed audio or visual media from the Internet, even content from a guest’s personal device such as phone, tablet, laptop can be presented through the LifeHub and displayed on the guest TV.

Education facilities may deploy the LifeHub in the classroom as an alternative to traditional PCs, significantly reducing capital and operational expenditure.   Outside the classroom the same LifeHub services are available through the student's personal devices.  Close a session in progress and re-open the session at the same point the next day to start work where you left off.

Long term care providers may offer the LifeHub for clients to keep in touch with relatives and friends via chat and video-conferencing, keep up to date with topics of interest and build a support network through the Internet.  Activity and medical data can be captured through the LifeHub.  Automated assistance messages can be broadcast from the LifeHub to designated contacts such as family, neighbours or medical services.

LifeHub Clients

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