Fixed Wireless Internet Services

Community is the new black.

OOKI are proud to announce our new approach for rural and remote rural Internet - The 'Network of Community Networks'.

The approach is simple.

From our main 'Base Towers' OOKI deliver high-speed fixed wireless Internet services into a district, providing connectivity to as many families as possible.

Where there are black-spots, OOKI work with a landowner to erect an 'Area Repeater', an unobtrusive pole, from which wireless services can be broadcast to cover the black-spot. Any landowner acting as an area repeater gets a 50% discount on their chosen Internet plan from OOKI.

If any small areas or individual families remain outside OOKI coverage, we will work with neighbours to place a 'Residential Repeater' on their property to deliver a connection. Again, the 50% discount applies for a residential repeater.

No family needs to be without high-speed, low latency Internet services with large ANYTIME data packages.

Community is the new black.

How to connect?

1. Take a look at the OOKI fixed wireless Internet plans and choose what works for you.
2. Fill in the online form by clicking the 'Get Connected' button below.

The form will be sent to the OOKI team to perform an indicative coverage check. If we have you covered with our current service we'll email you to arrange a date to perform a site survey. If the survey is good, we'll arrange an installation date.

Please Note: There is a standard installation fee of $249.00 to cover equipment and labour costs. All equipment remains the property of OOKI for the term of the service.