Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do OOKI deliver fixed wireless Internet and voice services?
Answer:    OOKI deliver fixed wireless Internet and voice services using point to point microwave transmitters on towers located across NSW. The microwave transmitters carry the data between your household and OOKI's highly available, highly secure data centre in Canberra. Canberra is linked to Sydney and out to the Internet by private fibre optic cable.

Question: What speed can I expect on a 6 / 12 / 24Mbps connection?
Answer:    OOKI try very hard to maximise your chosen connection speed and expect you would have at least 75% of your chosen speed at all times; 4.5 / 9 / 18Mbps. If you are struggling to achieve these speeds consistently, please contact the OOKI help desk, and we'll work with you to resolve any problems.

Question: What contract term do I have to sign up to?
Answer:    OOKI don't have a 'contract', just a 30-day billing period. We want you to be happy with the service you receive or let us know if there's a problem. If we can't solve the problem to your satisfaction you can choose to accept a reduced service at a reduced cost or look for another Internet service provider.

Question: Do OOKI use Telstra, Optus or any other carrier infrastructure?
Answer:    No, OOKI own all the microwave transmitters used to carry your data to our data centre and we use a private fibre optic link to reach the Internet. We do not rely on ageing copper telephone lines.

Question: Is there an installation fee to get connected to OOKI Internet services?
Answer: Yes. The installation fee is $249.00 to cover the cost of equipment and labour. The equipment remains the property of OOKI for the duration of the service. Unfortunately, OOKI do not get paid by NBN for connecting OOKI services.

Question: If I go over my data limit, will my connection be 'shaped' and slow down?
Answer:    No, OOKI don't shape connections if you go a little over your data limit. We will contact you and ask if we can help with a one-off event. If you exceed your data limit regularly, we will ask you to move to a larger data plan.

Question: So how does OOKI fixed wireless work?
Answer:    OOKI use Base Towers to pass our Internet connection to your district. A Base Tower will provide an Internet connection to lot of families. If there is a black-spot, OOKI will contact a landowner to discuss the option of establishing an ‘Area Repeater’, extending the network to cover the black-spot. 
Occasionally, individual properties will remain outside the coverage of an Area Repeater.  When this happens, OOKI will get in touch
with a neighbour who already receives an OOKI connection and request that a ‘Residential Repeater’ be installed alongside their residential antenna.  In this way we work with the community to connect every family to a great Internet experience.